Kombucha by The Good Habit

Kombucha by The Good Habit

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It’s a fermented tea based drink. Using only organic tea when they brew their kombucha. Brewing the traditional way and then flavour it with a second fermentation.

Kombucha is a fermented drink that has been around for over 2000 years. Originally from Asia, it now has roots in every continent. Used as an elixir for many, it is a conduit for healthy bacteria and yeasts. Many people find that kombucha can aid their digestion and give them a healthy dose of probiotics.

Green Punch
 has an organic green 'Gunpowder' tea base, the second fermentation with this one is apple, nettle and lemon balm. It is a light elegant kombucha with the nutritional powerhouse of green tea & nettle, herby notes with the citrus uplift of lemon balm.

Flower Power has an organic first flush Darjeeling tea base, we then do a second fermentation of hibiscus, rose hip and ginger. This is a medium bodied kombucha with balanced acidity, floral notes and a hint of ginger zing.