About the Bakery

Our old-world approach to baking bread is simple: rely on naturally occurring yeast + bacteria to slowly ferment dough, work with the surrounding grain agriculture, and only bake with local flour, water, and sea salt.

As bakers, we believe we are the connecting force amongst farmers, millers, and the community. We are here to feed others with nourishing goods and educate the public on the importance of investing in one of our most vital foods: grain.

We have made it our mission to step away from tasteless, lifeless flour and return to small wheat farmers and local millers. Here at Plúr, we bake with organically grown wheat and mill these in-house for our whole grain starter and various breads. We source our stone-ground whole rye, whole wheat, and whole spelt — all grown on organic methods from various farmer/ millers.

Our mission is to connect the community directly with their food, share the wholesome process of long fermentation, and continue the much needed work to move away from modernised practices related to bread and change it for the better.

Our love for bread connects us from the ground up: grain to flour to loaf.